Fischer vs. Spassky
Parsons the New School for Design, 2008

Project brief: Typeset the sequence of 27 chess moves for Fischer vs Spassky (Game 5). You may either visualize the board or use chess notation, but your goal in either case should be to present the information as clearly as possible to a non-expert.

Process: I hadn’t any clue about the game of chess, so I had to learn it from scratch. I tried to figure out the basics of the game via amongst other resources. Then, I watched the commentary of the game on, repeatedly watching it until I got a hang of it. For visual references, I leafed through chess guides and manuals, looking in depth at the different notations and diagrams that were used.

Execution: Taking cues from my research, I recreated a convenient information design system: communicative of the Fischer-Spassky game, using simple chess notations accompanied by highlights from the video commentary.

Size: 13"w X 19"h